Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Jack is our very first foster weim. We personally feel we couldn't have started out a more perfect way, and based on what we've heard from everyone else who's fostered weims, we're right.

We got Jack 2 weeks ago today. I drove to Edinburgh to meet Jackie with Lousville Weimaraner Rescue. (I even left 2 hours early so I could do a little shopping, but much to my dismay the outlets close at 6 pm!! What kind of silliness is that?)

He rode with me in the front seat of A's truck all the way home. Jackie mentioned he might have a touch of a cold, he snortled and sniffed all the way home.

When I got back to the house, I put him on his leash and led him through the gated back yard to sniff it out before introducing him to Newman and Gracee. He ran everywhere, peeing on everything. Then A let our terrible twosome out, it was... uneventful. Sure they bristled a bit, but after copious amounts of butt sniffing, they were chasing each other around and being all weim-y.

After 2 days, the snortling got worse (and stopped being cute). SO we made him an appt at the vet. Sure enough, poor little guy had a case off Kennel Cough, but after a dose of heavy antibiotics he was off and running. ( I won't go into the lovely dog snot rockets that we've been cleaning off the floor boards.)

Jack is incredibly laid back for a weim, he's great with the kids, not a HUGE barker, is good about his crate, potty-trained.

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